Sustainability Tracks

How identifying and being mindful of the tracks to our sustainability practice can help us and others

In one of my previous essays, I talk about being mindful of varying pace in our own lives and that of others. In the context of sustainability, this translates into acknowledging that we all operate at a varying pace and there is no right or wrong pace when it comes to living a sustainable life.

One way of being mindful of varying pace is to figure out the tracks (areas) that give motion to our sustainability practice. For some, this might be fashion. For others, it might be their diet. Part of being mindful of varying pace is to figure out the tracks that work best for you. The idea is to recognize and accept differences is situations, ability, means, and intent. Instead of beating ourselves up over something we haven't done in one of our sustainability tracks, we can acknowledge and celebrate the tracks where we have made progress.

As we make progress with these tracks at a varying pace, we can extend this approach to others, in the form of acknowledging that they too will have their sustainability tracks, some they do better at than others.

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