Creating Around Challenges

How we can create around challenges by responding to them from a patient and equanimous place

We are bound to face challenges as we create, although the degree might vary. Sometimes we might face bigger challenges or a large number of them. Other times, the challenges might be smaller or less in number. One way or another, it’s hard to imagine the creative process without challenges.

So, if we’re bound to come across challenges on the creative path, how can we respond to them? One thing that has consistently worked for me, is to be patient with my response. Doing this helps create space. This space is helpful to approach the challenge from a more equanimous and certain place. Another surprising discovery I have made is that at times it has even helped to shape my creative process around my challenges. As a writer and musician, I have the gift of being able to talk about these challenges in my work.

We cannot always avoid challenges during the creative process. That said, if we are patient in our understanding and response to them, we can create around them.

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