3 Mindfulness Lessons From The Past Decade

Looking back at the decade and the mindfulness lessons I have learned through its passing.

Inspired by a friend who did the same, I decided to write a post sharing some of my lessons from the year 2019. When I got to it, I felt like it was a nice chance to not just reflect on lessons of the year but from the decade. So here are some lessons I have learned over the past ten years.

Honoring Intuition

Having gone through an identity crisis during my late twenties, I ended up spending most of the past two years, peeling away layers and layers of false identity. This (building identity) felt like the first logical step towards gradually living the kind of life I wanted to.

That said, building an identity is only half the battle. Once we have established a deeper sense of identity that is rooted in our authentic self, we must honor it by letting our intuition guide us.

This is one of the major lessons that I have learned and actioned in the past decade. My decision-making process now not only includes weighing trade-offs and exploring possible outcomes but also includes an added filter of accessing and honoring my intuition. My experience has repeatedly affirmed that honoring my intuition yields outcomes that align better with my identity.

Practicing Acceptance

Decision making rooted in honoring our intuition after careful deliberation of pros and cons will not guarantee outcomes that will be easy to navigate around. To the contrary, because we have chosen to honor what our intuition is saying over the narrative of the external world, I have often found that decision making that is rooted in honoring our intuition over external factors, often demands walking a harder and longer path.

So what tool can a mindfulness practitioner use to navigate around the temporary struggles that honoring our intuition can often beget? We must practice acceptance rooted in fearlessness and equanimity, that helps us sit with the decision we’ve made and its outcome. As part of our acceptance, we must tap into the wisdom that as long as honoring our intuition has resulted in more joy, fulfillment, and peace — it was the right decision for us, even if it is making things difficult in the short run.

Accessing Resilience

Accepting outcomes gives us the ability to not be powerless in front of them. It gives us the belief that if we keep pushing, we will cross the chasm. Acceptance means we can move forward. Acceptance means we can access our inner resilience. And resilience is the fuel hope burns on.

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